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Types of Loans We Offer

With friendly experts who have your best interest at heart, Crystal Clear Mortgage is the one choice that makes home financing easy from start…to home.

Home Purchase

We can help you get into that dream home with a dreamy home loan.

Home Refinance

Get a home loan that better suits your needs – no move necessary!

Because there are so many types of borrowers –with so many types of borrowing needs –it only makes sense that there are many types of loans available to meet your needs. Most of these real estate loans fall into three categories: home purchase loans, home refinance loans, and cash-out refinance loans. Which one you need depends on your unique circumstances, and the experts at Crystal Clear Mortgage are here to help guide you to the one that’s just perfect for you. Just some of what plays a role into what loan is right for you includes:


  • Your Goals

    We can narrow down your options pretty quickly simply by knowing what you hope to accomplish. Whether you’re looking to buy a first home or a forever home, lower your interest rate, or get access to much-needed cash, our experts can match you to the right loan.

  • Small Sub Head

    Every borrower is unique. And we have a variety of loan options to fit your unique circumstances. We consider your monthly budget, your ability to make a down payment, and whether you qualify for special homebuyer programs to navigate you through your many options.

  • Your Credit History

    At Crystal Clear Mortgage, we think everyone deserves to feel at home. And we’re experienced in working with borrowers with all types of credit. We can work with you to help you qualify for the best loan possible.