We Make Mortgage Easy.

Who We Are

Crystal Clear Mortgage was founded in 2008 by Bryan Ward and Adam Simmons, having one goal: making the home buying process “Crystal Clear”. We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest with our customers from start to finish during the loan process.

Our mortgage specialists bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your doorstep, providing home loans with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible.

How We Work

With friendly experts who have your best interest at heart, Crystal Clear Mortgage is the one choice that makes home financing easy from start…to home.

We Make it Convenient

With an all-digital application, we’re the perfect combination of high tech and high touch, giving you everything you need for a smooth, easy mortgage process.

We Give You Guidance

We’re mortgage experts, so we’re happy to guide you to the loan that’s just right for you and your unique circumstances.

We Work for You

You are our number one priority. After all, we’re right here in your hometown and we love making our neighbors happy.

We’re With You

No matter what you need, that’s why we’re here. A little extra guidance here. Some advice and above-and-beyond help there. That’s what we do.

Popular Mortgage Topics


Loan Types

Discover the different types of loans we offer and how we can help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Mortgage Basics

When you know more about home loans, you’ll be able to get yours with confidence.


Even if you love your home, you just may not love your existing loan. We can help with that.


 We’re committed to giving you all the information and resources you need – and they’re all right here.

Ready to Get Started?

We know you’re excited to make the move – whether to a new home, a better loan, or to the goals at the top of your list. And we’re just the neighbors to help you do it. We’re here to make the entire process simple and crystal clear, so let’s get started today.